Tournament Sanctioning for B level events.

Further to the introduction of the new Sacntion B level of tournaments organized in Canada,  please fill up the attached form and return it to Judo Canada by August 31, 2018 for all events organized in your Province/Territory that fall within the specified below description:

Sanction B _ Request- EN

  1. B) Sanction level B

Tournaments that are organized (or supported) by a provincial judo  organization and open to other provincial organizations or national organizations. The respective provincial judo organizations  are in charge of ensuring that the event complies with the standards of this Policy. Judo Canada  will not be involved in the organization or operation of “B” sanctioned competition.  A formal  request will need to be submitted to Judo Canada by August 31st of every year by the PTSO.  changes introduced to the 2018 Tournament Standard and Sanctioning Policy and int

Andrzej Sadej, Judo Canada