2018 Legion Athletic Camp

From July 29 to August 4, 2018, 26 athletes enjoyed learning judo at the Legion Athletic Judo Camp under the watchful eyes of the coaching staff:

  • Head coach: Gary Sova
  • Guest coach: Sergio Pessoa
  • Coaches
    • May Baldo-Oduca
    • Cole Hunt
    • Jeffrey Oduca
    • Patrick Tremblay-Sabourin

Judo Manitoba Women’s committee

The Inaugural meeting of the Judo Manitoba Women’s Committee was held on Aug 11th at the U of M

Chair: Linda Ward

Vice-chair: Xisra Winder

Other members: Sonia Christ, Emily Trombo, Britni Trombo

Also attended: Olia Berger, Evellina Bergatelli

New Executive for Judo Manitoba

At the 2018 Judo Manitoba annual meeting on June 10 2018 a new executive was elected

President- Milton Good

Vice-president- Miguel Rueda

Treasurer -James Currie

Secretary – Gary Robinson

Directors at large Gary Sova and Brian Jones (Selkirk)

Executive Director Oscar Li

Dave Minuk stepped down as President after 37 years

Gary Sova stepped down as Vice-president after 35 years

Moe Oye stepped down as a director at large after 30 plus years

Brian Case outstanding Referee award

Brian Case of Portage Judo Club was selected by the Judo Manitoba Referee Committee as the Outstanding Referee for Manitoba for 2017-18 season. Brian received his award at the first annual awards dinner held on June 1st 2018

High Dan Grading

Gary Sova and Milton Good were successful in their grading at the National Championships in Calgary in May

Gary was promoted to Shichidan

Milton was promoted to Rokudan