New Registration Form

Judo Manitoba has prepared a new Registration Form for members. This form is designed to collect the information and the form of waiver that Judo Canada requires on its on-line registration system, which in turn will allow club coaches to register their members with Judo Manitoba/Canada.   Use of this form is not mandatory at this time, and clubs may use the old Judo Manitoba registration forms for this season if they wish. However, if you choose to use the old forms, the on-line Judo Canada registration will still be required.

Please feel free to print copies of the form for use at your club. If a club coach would like copies of the new form printed, please contact me at

Judo MB Registration Form 2018 – 2019 revised Oct 6, 2018

Tournament Sanctioning for B level events.

Further to the introduction of the new Sacntion B level of tournaments organized in Canada,  please fill up the attached form and return it to Judo Canada by August 31, 2018 for all events organized in your Province/Territory that fall within the specified below description:

Sanction B _ Request- EN

  1. B) Sanction level B

Tournaments that are organized (or supported) by a provincial judo  organization and open to other provincial organizations or national organizations. The respective provincial judo organizations  are in charge of ensuring that the event complies with the standards of this Policy. Judo Canada  will not be involved in the organization or operation of “B” sanctioned competition.  A formal  request will need to be submitted to Judo Canada by August 31st of every year by the PTSO.  changes introduced to the 2018 Tournament Standard and Sanctioning Policy and int

Andrzej Sadej, Judo Canada

2018 Legion Athletic Camp

From July 29 to August 4, 2018, 26 athletes enjoyed learning judo at the Legion Athletic Judo Camp under the watchful eyes of the coaching staff:

  • Head coach: Gary Sova
  • Guest coach: Sergio Pessoa
  • Coaches
    • May Baldo-Oduca
    • Cole Hunt
    • Jeffrey Oduca
    • Patrick Tremblay-Sabourin

Judo Manitoba Women’s committee

The Inaugural meeting of the Judo Manitoba Women’s Committee was held on Aug 11th at the U of M

Chair: Linda Ward

Vice-chair: Xisra Winder

Other members: Sonia Christ, Emily Trombo, Britni Trombo

Also attended: Olia Berger, Evellina Bergatelli