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2018 Elite 8 Judo Championships

Here is the result from the team MB members that competed at the 2018 Elite 8 National Championship.

U18 Male -66kg
5th - Michael Akbashev - West Kildonan Judo Club

Senior Female -57kg
Bronze - Sasha Zigic - Nakamura Judo Club

26196040_2046751885603262_663504967366087695_n.jpg 26685630_2046061922338925_816724310919161716_o.jpg 26734465_2045763239035460_7085201865147209343_n.jpg
26804957_2047005395577911_6218002668930988472_n.jpg 26903902_2046947292250388_8473796896093479075_n.jpg DTkvxDeWAAASw1n.jpg